Maybe You Can Relate.

Do you ever feel as if you’re juggling too many balls and your writing career is always the one that gets dropped?

It can feel impossible to balance your author dreams with a day job, family responsibilities, household chores, and a never-ending list of distractions all vying for your attention. Everything seems urgent and you’re pulled in too many directions, which can result in fatigue, stress, irritability, and frustration that you lack the time and energy to pursue your passion. 

When authors get overwhelmed, manuscripts sit unfinished, query letters remain unsent, and published books suffer lackluster sales without the promotion they deserve.

Are You Ready To Stop Spinning Your Wheels?

Get powerful and practical tools to succeed and find balance.

This self-paced, comprehensive course geared specifically toward writers will guide you through the process of organizing your life one step at a time so that you can become healthier and happier while boosting your creativity and productivity.

Assess your life in four key areas:

Electronic Clutter, External Clutter, Internal Clutter, and the logistics of Getting Things Done.

Get tips and hacks for:

  • Tackling email and social media

  • Organizing your digital files and bookmarks

  • Automating routine tasks

  • Decluttering your home and setting up an inspiring writing environment

  • Unwinding, improving focus, and getting into a flow state

  • Handling distractions and interruptions

  • Prioritizing, planning, and breaking down goals into manageable steps

  • Mastering your calendar

  • Choosing writing apps and devices

  • Pushing through writer’s block and nailing your writing sessions

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What You Get Inside The Program

When you enroll in this course, you'll receive lifetime access to:

  • Four In-Depth Modules

    Get inspired as you read 18 informative written lessons and watch 8 short demo videos.

  • Resource Library

    Browse an extensive library filled with spreadsheets, habit trackers, and product recommendations.

  • Practical Activities

    Follow the 45-page workbook as you apply the lessons and focus on organizing your life.

  • Helpful Recaps

    Don't worry about forgetting anything. You'll get 39 pages of cheat sheets compiled into an ebook.

  • Bonuses

    Includes extras like an audio meditation, Trello boards, and a productivity spreadsheet donated by Stacy's colleagues.

Declutter Your Life

By the end of the course, you’ll be armed with multiple approaches to streamline your life, enhance your creativity, and achieve your goals. Whether you’re a brand new writer or a seasoned author that wants to reach the next level, this course may just change your life.
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The below bonuses are included in the course.

5-minute meditation - Unwind with the guided meditation, Pressing Pausecontributed by Melanie Steele. This audio is one of her Monday Meditations for the Writer's Soul.

Four free Trello boards - Start organizing your life with free Trello templates offered by Brit Poe of Thriving Scribes. Brit, creator of the in-depth course Trello 4 Authors, has shared four boards from her paid program. You'll get her Day Board, Week Board, Year Board, and Goals and Intentions Board.  

Writing productivity spreadsheet - Track your word counts with this user-friendly spreadsheet offered by Rahel Wallace, author brand coach and creator of the Indie Author Support: Prosperity Through Community Facebook group.

Hi, I'm Stacy.

My goal is to save writers from overwhelm, giving them strategies to simplify the editing process so they can save time and money. I’m the author of ten published books, a freelance developmental editor, and an award-winning journalist. I’d love to be your guide.

As a freelance editor, I’ve helped hundreds of authors with their projects, both those pursuing the traditional publishing route and those who use KDP and other avenues of self-publishing their books. I've assisted beginning writers and established authors with contracts at large publishing houses including Kensington and Harlequin.

I’ve also taught workshops for organizations including Savvy Authors, Sisters in Crime, and numerous Romance Writer of America chapters, and have been a panelist and guest critiquer at conferences. As someone who has been in the book publishing trenches since my teens, going through many ups and downs while I fine-tuned my craft, I’d be honored to help you on your writing journey.

Say No To Overwhelm

Take charge of your writing career and decrease your stress.

More Testimonials For Stacy's Courses

Doesn't Have To Be A Chore

Theresa Hall

"My biggest takeaway was that editing does not have to be a chore. Using Stacy’s step-by-step blueprint helps to break it down into small and manageable sections that don’t result in frustration and loss of motivation."

Explained Well

Doree Anderson

"Before taking the course, I felt like I only had half of the information and my manuscript showed it. What I liked best was how well she explains it. How often the 'duh' effect struck me. and I can see why."

Keeps Your Writing Fresh

USA Today Bestselling Author Amy Proebstel

"It's easy to get lazy with writing, especially when an idea is desperately trying to get out with lightning speed. This tool keeps your writing fresh and unique."

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome and Introduction

    • How to Navigate the Classroom

    • Welcome and Workbook!

    • Getting Started Tips

    • Track Your Time

  • 2

    Module #1: Electronic Clutter

    • Lesson 1: Clean Up Your Email

    • Gmail Demo

    • Lesson 2: Set Boundaries

    • Lesson 3: Organize Your Devices

  • 3

    Module #2: External Clutter

    • Lesson 1: Assess Your Living Space

    • Room Tours & Amazon Store

    • Lesson 2: Make Over Your Workspace

    • Writing Space Tour

    • Lesson 3: The Maintenance Zone

  • 4

    Module #3: Internal Clutter

    • Lesson 1: Recharge Your Brain

    • 5-Minute Meditation Audio

    • Lesson 2: Recharge Your Body

    • Lesson 3: Recharge Your Spirit

    • Lesson 4: Organize Your Thoughts

    • Trello Overview

    • Lesson 5: Reframe the Doubts

    • Lesson 6: Automate Routine Tasks

    • Gmail Templates Demo

    • Dictation Quick Demo

  • 5

    Module #4: Getting Things Done

    • Lesson 1: Make a Plan

    • Lesson 2: Prioritize

    • Lesson 3: Make Over Your Calendar

    • Planner Pad Demo

    • Google Calendar Tutorial

    • Lesson 4: Write That Book

    • Habit Trackers

    • Lesson 5: Powering Through Pitfalls

  • 6


    • Course ebooks: Transcripts, Blueprint Cheat Sheets, and Workbook

    • Continue Your Journey With Me

    • Could I Have Your Feedback?

    • Want to Be an Affiliate?

    • Amazon Shopping Center

    • Time Audit Trackers

    • Extra Goal Setting and Planning Sheets

    • Habit Tracker Printables

    • Bonus: 5 Minute Meditation - Pressing Pause

    • Bonus Trello Board Templates

    • Bonus: Writing Productivity Spreadsheet

    • Bonus: Tax-Deductible Expenses for the Self-Employed

Social proof: reviews

5 star rating

Great Information

Judy Downing

Suggestions and guidance for decluttering your life so you can get down to the business of writing productively.

Suggestions and guidance for decluttering your life so you can get down to the business of writing productively.

Read Less
5 star rating

Excellent Course

Steven Miller

Really well done - to the point, no fluff, and filled with resources and links

Really well done - to the point, no fluff, and filled with resources and links

Read Less


If you're ready to manage your time better and create an action plan for your writing goals, sign up for Time Management Blueprint today!


Do you have questions? We've got answers!

  • Is this course for beginner or experienced writers?

    It's for beginner, experienced, and everyone in between. We're not going to get into writing craft in this course. That's what my course, Book Editing Blueprint: A Step-By-Step Plan to Making Your Novels Publishable is for.

    In Time Management Blueprint, we're going to talk about my four pillars of time management: electronic clutter, external clutter, internal clutter, and the logistics of getting things done. We'll also discuss writing rituals, writing sessions, writing space, writing apps, music for writers, writer's block, creativity tips, book promotion, and other topics of interest to authors—whatever their level.

  • Is there anyone this course isn't for?

    Well, it does require a bit of an open mind. If you only want the "getting things done" tips like quarterly planning, goal setting, weekly planning, scheduling, and maximizing your writing sessions, then be forewarned that this is just one pillar of my time management system.

    Don't get me wrong. I go into all of that IN DEPTH. However, we're also going to talk about things like tackling email and social media, organizing your computer files, decluttering your home, and clearing your mind. All of this ties together and will boost your productivity, but if you're skeptical about that, you need to be willing to hear me out.

    If you're not a writer, you should know that the course is geared toward published and aspiring authors. However, if you have another creative or entrepreneurial goal, most of the lessons will still be helpful.

  • Is there a deadline to finish the course?

    Don't worry, I'm not going to rush you! After all, I want to help you manage your time, not stress you out even more. The course is self-paced and you'll have lifetime access. You will receive login information to the private classroom which you can access on any device that’s connected to the internet. Once you register, you’ll be able to use this resource over and over and will receive any future updates.

What's Included

Learn through short, straightforward lessons that get right to the point.

  • 18 written lessons and 8 videos segmented into four modules

  • Extensive library filled with spreadsheets, habit trackers, and product recommendations

  • 45-page workbook to guide you through applying the lessons and organizing your life

  • 39 pages of cheat sheets so you don't have to worry about forgetting anything

  • Bonuses including an audio meditation, Trello boards, a productivity spreadsheet, and more

100% Unconditional Money-back Guarantee

You're protected by the Blueprinters' Get Organized No-Hassle Guarantee.

Time Management Blueprint comes with a 100% unconditional money-back guarantee, so your purchase is risk-free. We promise that if you do the work and follow the blueprint system, you will get more organized and productive. There's a good reason that Stacy's clients and students call her generous, professional, enthusiastic, and insightful. She puts tons of time and effort into creating her courses and stands behind everything she teaches.

Here's a note from Stacy: "I've had a passion for writing and reading my whole life, and I love working with kindred spirits who have stories to tell. I want to help you tell the stories burning inside you and get you closer to your goals. I truly believe Time Editing Blueprint can make a big impact on helping you to become more organized, productive, and balanced, and I guarantee that it is a high-quality course."

Ask for a refund within 7 days and we'll grant it - no questions asked or hoops to jump through. Just send an email to us and we will refund your money.
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