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The simple path to editing and transforming your novel—one step at a time.

Do you feel overwhelmed about how to edit your own writing and make the novel you labored over strong enough for publication? Most novels need several rounds of editing before they’re ready to submit to agents or to indie publish. If you skimp on editing, you risk instant rejection and/or dreaded one-star reviews. Unfortunately, each round with a freelance book editor can cost you hundreds of dollars.

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A Step-By-Step Plan To Making Your Novels Publishable

By going through this online writing class on how to edit a fiction or creative nonfiction book, you’ll get the tools to skyrocket your manuscript to the next level without breaking the bank. This course demystifies the editing process, giving beginner and intermediate writers a practical, step-by-step blueprint for evaluating, rewriting, and polishing their manuscript. It’s like having a professional editor standing over your shoulder as you’re editing the novel. The course will give you a solid foundation while also being something you can reasonably finish.

A System of Book Editing Shortcuts

What if taking one online writing class could make you less dependent on editors, sharpen your skills and instincts, and help you to save money?

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