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Here's what you'll learn inside this course, led by author and freelance editor Stacy Juba:

* Lesson 1: The one thing that will jump-start your editing.

* Lesson 2: Three mistakes you may be making and what to do instead.

* Lesson 3: Five little words you need to start cutting now.

* Lesson 4: The truth about editing.

* Lesson 5: Struggling with wordy sentences? This will help.

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*The ten-step checklist you need in your editing arsenal. (Downloadable PDF recap)

*Interactive online quiz to test what you've learned.


Join more than a thousand writers in discovering how to simplify the line editing process.


Here's What Participants Are Saying

Opened My Eyes

Elli Hunt

“Your five-day course opened my eyes to mistakes that I didn't know existed. Thank you for that, it is extremely helpful to me."

Can't Thank You Enough

Harper Jewel

“Can't thank you enough for the 5-day course. My books and readers thank you, too.”

Super Helpful

Jenny Leigh Hodgins

"Love how easy and on point your tips are for self-editing. Super helpful resource!"

Breaks It Into Manageable Steps

Fox Haddock

"This class not only taught me how to break down editing into manageable steps, but also how to think differently about my work during the process. The latter is the hardest part."

Lots Of Different Mistakes

Audrey Gran Weinberg

"I learned that there are lots of different kinds of mistakes I've been making. And to break it into manageable pieces is helpful to me."

Fairy Dust Sprinkled On Our Writings

Gustav Cariglio

"I can't express in words how helpful this is . . . I would say your editing lessons are fairy dust sprinkled on our writings."

The finer the tooth comb, the better

Wendy B. Wilson

"The most valuable lesson I learned was that the finer the tooth comb, the better . . . It helped to break down the lessons into a manageable format, too. Now I understand better when a writer says their book is in its third edit."


Maria A. Karamitsos

"Wow! I'm astonished at the number of times I used these words. This is a great exercise."

Hi, I'm Stacy

Founder, Shortcuts for Writers

Stacy Juba

Hi, I'm Stacy. My goal is to save writers from overwhelm, showing them how to edit their own writing and giving them strategies to make the editing process manageable—and even rewarding. I also show authors how they can fit writing into their busy lives. I’m the author of ten published books, a freelance developmental book editor, and an award-winning journalist. As a freelance editor, I’ve helped hundreds of authors with their projects, working with beginning writers and those with contracts at large publishing houses including Kensington, Harlequin, and Amazon’s Kindle Scout program. I’ve also taught workshops for organizations including Savvy Authors, Sisters in Crime, and numerous Romance Writer of America chapters, and been a panelist and guest critiquer at the New England Crime Bake conference. As someone who has been in the book publishing trenches since my teens, going through many ups and downs while I fine-tuned my craft, I’d be honored to help you on your writing journey.

Let's Make Editing Simple

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Let's Get Started!

    • Welcome Video And What to Expect

    • Lesson 1: The One Thing That Will Jump-start Your Editing

    • Lesson 2: Three Mistakes You May Be Making and What to Do Instead

    • Lesson 3: Five Little Words You Need to Start Cutting Now

    • Lesson 4: The Truth About Editing

    • Lesson 5: Struggling With Wordy Sentences? This Will Help.

  • 2

    Bonuses and Next Steps

    • The 10-Step Checklist You Need in Your Editing Arsenal

    • Test Your Skills - Line Editing Quiz!

    • More Resources for You

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