Do you ever feel stuck on how to show your characters’ emotions?

Never struggle with creating compelling character reactions again…


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Are you tired of conjuring up fresh ways to describe a gaze, smile, or sigh in your fiction? Then you'll love this 100-page printable toolkit jam-packed with more than 4,000 emotional phrases arranged into easy-to-digest lists. 

However, this isn’t just a collection of phrases. It's a system for transforming your approach to showing character emotions. Part reference book and part workbook, this system will grow with you throughout your writing journey. Having the right tool can get the words flowing and help you to write stronger scenes faster.  

What They're Saying

"The Energize Your Writing Toolkit: Cheat Sheets for Character Emotions is exactly what I need. I cannot recommend it enough. I'm always looking for new and refreshing ways to describe my character's emotions and behaviours and Stacy's Toolkit is just what the doctor ordered! As always, Stacy is thorough and gives great explanation on how to use the Toolkit. It is now an integral part of my writing practice." Emma Dhesi, author and host of the Turning Readers Into Writers podcast.

  • Develop A System

    Put the pages into a binder that you can pull out whenever you need help showing a character's emotions.

  • Get Inspired

    Get inspiration when you’re stuck or scenes need more emotion. Use the phrases word-for-word, refine them, or mix & match.

  • Make It Your Own

    Use the blank lines and print extra copies of the page template to add your own phrases and categories.

What This Toolkit Includes

A 100-page PDF featuring:

Overview of nonverbal communication and body language.

Detailed written instructions and examples on how to use the cheat sheets.

A walk-through video of the toolkit.

More than 4,000 nonverbal prompts that span 21 categories and numerous subcategories.

See It In Action nonverbal snippets from published books.

Discussion questions that guide you through finding your strengths and weaknesses.

Suitable for all fiction genres and for creative nonfiction that conveys emotion (i.e. memoirs).

Bonus Material

Extra Video & Transcript

  • You'll get access to a 9-minute Nonverbal Blueprint video and video transcript taken from the acclaimed online course Book Editing Blueprint: A Step-By-Step Plan To Making Your Novels Publishable.

Get it for just $29 (40% off) using the code blackfriday20 at checkout. Ends December 7.

Transform Your Approach


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Energize Your Writing Toolkit Reviews

5 star rating

Gone are the days of brain freeze.

Zerry Greenwood

I no longer need to do an Amazon free page read search for ideas. This simple class, with printable lists, will save hours of research and staring out the wi...

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I no longer need to do an Amazon free page read search for ideas. This simple class, with printable lists, will save hours of research and staring out the window to reactivate my frozen brainpan. It is not the big issues that will stump you in editing; it is the little nuances. Changing that scream into a viperous warning. That hand shake into a test of testosterone-laced wills. That glance into an exchange of unspoken desire. I am a big believer in easier paths to better writing. Stacys' courses are always here to guide me to the shortcuts.

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5 star rating

My New Companion...

Brian Benson

From now on, this is my new writing companion. It's like a mini-Thesaurus on writing cues. I really like the set-up too. Very easy to use...

From now on, this is my new writing companion. It's like a mini-Thesaurus on writing cues. I really like the set-up too. Very easy to use...

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5 star rating

Great tips & an invaluable resource

Maria Karamitsos

Stacy Juba breaks down nonverbal cues/body language in an easy to understand way. It helps you to look at your manuscript in a new way and to add another too...

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Stacy Juba breaks down nonverbal cues/body language in an easy to understand way. It helps you to look at your manuscript in a new way and to add another tool to our Writer Toolkit. Her Cheat Sheets are an invaluable resource that I'll refer to often. Thanks!

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5 star rating

Great Addition to My Writing Arsenal

Kathleen Poole

Hi, I'm Stacy.

I help fiction and creative nonfiction authors who need guidance on how to edit a book. 

My goal is to save beginner and intermediate writers from overwhelm, giving them strategies to simplify the editing process so they can save time and money. I’m the author of ten published books, a freelance developmental editor, and an award-winning journalist. I’d love to be your guide.

As a freelance editor, I’ve helped hundreds of authors with their projects, working with beginning writers and those with contracts at large publishing houses including Kensington, Harlequin, and Amazon’s Kindle Scout program.

I’ve also taught workshops for organizations including Savvy Authors, Sisters in Crime, and numerous Romance Writer of America chapters, and been a panelist and guest critiquer at the New England Crime Bake conference. As someone who has been in the book publishing trenches since my teens, going through many ups and downs while I fine-tuned my craft, I’d be honored to help you on your writing journey. 


Accolades Beyond My Expectations

Ron Bay, Jr. Young Adult Writer

“Because of @stacyjuba, freelance editor extraordinaire—who, like a personal trainer, pushed me to my limit and pulled out of me the very best I had to offer—Lost Highway has received compliments and accolades beyond my expectations.”

An Invaluable Resource

Joan Carney Paranormal Romance Writer

“As a fledgling writer, your editing services have been an invaluable resource for me. The educational links you provided as well as your helpful and encouraging suggestions are precisely what I needed to help make my little story blossom into its full potential.”

I Feel Lucky To Have Found Stacy

Kimberly G. Giarratano Paranormal Young Adult Writer

“Stacy is fan-flippin-tastic. Her suggestions for improvement are spot on. This was my first major self-publishing endeavor and I feel lucky to have found Stacy.”


  • What will happen after I purchase the toolkit?

    Purchases will be made through the Shortcuts for Writers Thinkific platform. You will be directed to set up a password and will be granted access to the mini classroom where you will find the videos and a downloadable high quality PDF file. It features 8.5 x 11 (standard) size printables, with room for three-hole punching, and includes 100 pages that fit a variety of products such as binders and folders.

  • Can I get a physical copy of The Energize Your Writing Toolkit? Will there be any future editions of the toolkit and will I have to pay for them?

    This purchase is a digital download only, so no physical items will be shipped to you. It's recommended that you print out the document. Colors may appear or print different depending on printer & printer settings. There may be a print edition released at book retailers in the future. I will be asking those enrolled in the mini course for suggestions of improvements to make for future editions. I will also invite them to submit nonverbal samples for future editions. In the event of a new edition, an updated PDF version will be uploaded to the classroom, so you will get digital access to any future updates. If a print version becomes available and you would like a copy, you would need to purchase it separately through the retailer.

  • Is there anyone this toolkit isn't for?

    It would be most helpful for writers of fiction and creative nonfiction (such as memoirs). If you're writing about people and their emotions, then this toolkit would be appropriate to help you energize your scenes. This isn't for you if you're expecting it to be the only tool you need to make your book publishable. Nonverbal communication can help you to flesh out and invigorate your writing, but you can't write a book with nonverbal communication alone. It is one element of writing and editing.

  • How is this any better than nonverbal communication books you can buy?

    First, it's not just an e-book. It's a system to help you deal with the tricky issue of character emotions. Second, many nonverbal communication books get bogged down in the mechanics and the psychology of body language and you'll need to wade through a lot of material and a lot of books. Many body language books targeted specifically to writers are full of flowery or cliched prose. Will you find some cliches in this toolkit? Yes, but I explain the role these phrases play and how to put your own unique spin on them. You won't find flowery, over-the-top prose. As an author and freelance editor, I know what emotions writers struggle with portraying and what type of resources can make their journey easier. I carefully chose each entry based on my decades of experience.


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