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The simple path to editing and transforming your novel—one step at a time.

Do you feel overwhelmed about how to edit your own writing and make the novel you labored over strong enough for publication?

Most novels need several rounds of editing before they’re ready to submit to agents or to indie publish. If you skimp on editing, you risk instant rejection and/or dreaded one-star reviews. Unfortunately, each round with a freelance book editor can cost you well over a thousand dollars.

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A Step-By-Step Plan To Making Your Novels Publishable

By going through this online writing class on how to self-edit your fiction or creative nonfiction book, you’ll get the tools to skyrocket your manuscript to the next level without breaking the bank.

It’s like having a professional editor standing over your shoulder.

What Blueprinters And Clients Are Saying. . .

Discover how it feels to think like an editor.

  • “Before I took the course, my editing was disjointed—like throwing all my know-how at a wall and seeing what sticks. I love a good map. The lessons were great, but that checklist! After writing I can get frazzled, and it’s like having my pre-frazzled brain’s plan.” Sydney Patton

  • “Before taking the course, I felt like I only had half of the information and my manuscript showed it. What I liked best was how well she explains it. How often the ‘duh’ effect struck me, and I can see why. I learned there is a lot more I can do as a writer. That it’s my story and I am the responsible party.” Doree Anderson

  • “The course has taught me so much about looking at my writing through the eyes of an editor. Now I have a checklist I can follow and re-use for every book I write and make sure my manuscript is the best I can make it before I hand it over to a professional. I love the booklet and checklists. It’s a foolproof tool to make sure nothing is overlooked. My biggest takeaway was that editing does not have to be a chore. Using Stacy’s step-by-step blueprint helps to break it down into small and manageable sections that don’t result in frustration and loss of motivation.” Theresa Hall

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